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Alan Stadler, PhD, PE, joined our Water Resources Group in Cleveland, OH, as a Senior Project Manager. He brings 30 years of experience working on heavy civil engineering projects with a focus in water/wastewater, multi-disciplinary program management, and geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering. Specializing in complex near surface and deep structures for conveyance and storage, Alan has provided project and program management for large utility improvements for the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District and Cleveland Division of Water. He also brings experience with sustainable projects including green infrastructure, wind farm planning and design, and high-performance building design.

Alan holds a PhD from the University of Colorado and Master and Bachelor Degrees in Civil Engineering from The Ohio State University. He is involved in the American Society of Civil Engineers, Water Environment Federation, ASCE Geo-Institute and the International Society of Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering.

Russell Hughes joined our Water Resources Group as an Engineer in our Detroit office. He brings 3 years of experience performing design engineering and analysis for wastewater treatment projects as well as construction inspection and assistance. His previous experience includes wastewater projects for Oakland and Wayne Counties as well as the M-1 RAIL streetcar system in Detroit. He is currently working on Great Lakes Water Authority projects including Rehabilitation of the Primary Clarifiers and the Rouge River Outfall Disinfection Project.

Russell holds Master and Bachelor Degrees in Civil Engineering from Wayne State University and is currently working on his MBA there. He is a member of the Michigan Water Environment Association, American Society of Civil Engineers, Engineering Society of Detroit and the Conference of Minority Transportation Officials where he serves as a Board member and Chairs the Membership Committee.

The Bethel Park Municipal Authority is undertaking a phased program to upgrade its 4.92-MGD Piney Fork Wastewater Treatment Plant in South Park, PA, to address operational and process inefficiencies and replace equipment with updated technology. As Engineer of Record for the Authority since 2008, Wade Trim has provided planning, design, construction management and operations assistance for the program as well as on-call engineering services.

The first phase, completed in 2012, focused on secondary digester cover and mixing improvements, new primary clarifier mechanisms, and flow distribution improvements. The second phase, currently in construction, includes replacing the existing rectangular secondary clarifiers with two new 100-foot-diameter circular final clarifiers, piping and building improvements, and adding an ultraviolet (UV) light disinfection system and provisions for future nutrient removal. The UV system and appurtenances will enable full disinfection of the effluent without the need for dechlorination, resulting in zero chlorine residual.

The primary digester is also being upgraded with a new cover and mixing system, similar to improvements completed on the secondary digester. With only one digester in service at a time over the past 3 years, operational practices for sludge processing and solids handling have required significant modifications to maintain plant operations.

Scheduled to be complete in fall 2017, the upgrade program will increase the operational capacity of the digestion system as well as the final clarifiers that were undersized for peak flow conditions, providing adequate treatment for future plant flows. In addition, design is underway to convert an unused building into a new laboratory/office facility for staff.

Seeking to identify local collection system improvements that can positively impact regional water quality and public health, the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District (NEORSD) is conducting local sewer system evaluation studies across its service area in known problem areas. The first study area is the Heights Hilltop Sewershed that includes all or parts of 16 suburban separate sewer communities east of Cleveland. Wade Trim is leading the Heights Hilltop Interceptor Local Sewer System Evaluation Study (HHI-LSSES) to assess potential Clean Water Act (CWA) issues such as sanitary sewer overflows and basement flooding, and identify capacity limitations. Existing information will be collected and reviewed with new flow/rainfall monitoring and field investigations to develop an updated Geographic Information System (GIS) and conduct hydraulic analysis and modeling of existing conditions and improvement alternatives. The study will develop potential planning-level projects and costs to address identified issues and prioritize recommended improvements in the local community sewer systems. Selected projects would then be implemented by the local communities with District assistance.

Major team members include Brown and Caldwell, ADS Environmental Services and C&K Industrial Services. Our minority-owned, women-owned and small business (M/W/SBE) team members include Water Resources & Coastal Engineering, KS Associates, Armak, Regency, CW Courtney, Chagrin Valley Engineering, Stephen Hovancsek & Associates and Onyx Engineering. We are committed to working with local M/W/SBE firms on projects and helping them build expertise and expand capabilities. Additional team members include CT Consultants and GPD Group.

One of our M/W/SBE team members, Water Resources & Coastal Engineering, is leading the HHI-LSSES flow and rainfall monitoring program. The program is being conducted to support expansion of the District’s hydrologic/hydraulic model into local sewer systems and identify potential problem areas and sources of I/I for further investigation. Two types of sewer monitoring will be conducted: calibration monitoring of 150 temporary sites over 3 months and micromonitoring using 60 flow meters over 7 months. In addition, 10 temporary rain gauges will be used throughout the project area to supplement 7 existing gauges.

Dave White, PE, has been named Wade Trim’s Water Resources Market Segment Lead where he will oversee all water resources-related services across the company. A Senior Project Manager, Dave has spent the last 22 years evaluating challenges with wet weather flows in collection systems throughout the country. He strives to find practical and sustainable solutions for complex stormwater, combined sewer overflow (CSO) and sanitary sewer overflow challenges.

Dave has been at the forefront of Wade Trim’s expansion, building relationships with large utilities to rehabilitate aging infrastructure and address capacity limitations. He has managed projects in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Omaha, Indianapolis, Fort Worth and southeast Michigan. His current projects include the Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati’s Upper Duck All Bundle and storage facility evaluations for the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District.

Craig Schroeder, PE, joined our Water Resources Group in Cincinnati, OH, as a Professional Engineer who specializes in sanitary, combined and storm sewer modeling. He brings more than seven years of experience in hydrologic and hydraulic modeling and alternatives analysis for combined sewer overflow (CSO) control, sanitary sewer overflow (SSO) elimination, and system optimization. He has also performed water quality sampling and flow monitoring.

Craig’s previous experience includes system-wide model updates for the Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati’s Mill Creek and Little Miami sewersheds and water sampling of creeks and sewers for Sanitation District No. 1 in Northern Kentucky. He is currently working on the Northwest Interceptor – Edgewater System Analysis and Advanced Facilities Planning for the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District. He holds a BS degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Dayton.

Andrew Buncher, EIT, joined our Water Resources Group in St. Louis, MO, as an Engineer. He brings education and experience in the design of stormwater collection, wastewater treatment, and water distribution networks and general hydrologic concepts. He is currently involved with the preliminary study and design services for sanitary sewer storage facilities for the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District. He graduated magna cum laude in 2014 with a BS in Civil Engineering from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.

Jason McBride, PE, joined our Water Resources Group in Pittsburgh, PA, as a Senior Project Manager where he will provide wet weather and wastewater collection system engineering services to clients. His primary role will be working on wet weather projects for combined sewer overflow (CSO) and sanitary sewer overflow (SSO) facilities including wastewater treatment plants, high rate treatment facilities, large diameter tunnels and pump stations.

Jason brings 14 years of experience in planning, design and construction phase services with an emphasis on CSO long term control plans and SSO capital improvement plans. He seeks opportunities to incorporate sustainable design, green infrastructure, and low impact development into regional wet weather plans to maximize economic, social and environmental benefits. In addition, he serves as a Board Member for the Nine Mile Run Watershed Association and holds a BS degree in Environmental Systems Engineering from Pennsylvania State University.

John Weiland, PE, joined our Water Resources Group as a Senior Project Manager where he is leading our expansion into St. Louis, MO, and work with the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District (MSD). With 17 years of experience in wastewater, stormwater and construction management projects, John’s career includes extensive work with MSD ranging from pump station and force main projects to Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) and Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO) relief studies.

Wade Trim is performing preliminary study and design services for sanitary sewer storage facilities in the Lemay Service Area for MSD. Our services comprise storage sizing and hydraulic evaluation, as well as preliminary civil, structural, process mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, and operational design considerations.

Our office is located in the downtown area:

Wade Trim
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Cathy Findley, PE, and Kevin Vander Tuig, PE, joined our Water Resources Group in Cleveland, OH, to provide wet weather and wastewater collection system engineering services to clients in the region. Their primary role will be assisting in the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District’s Combined Sewer Overflow Advanced Facilities Plan and Program Support Services project.

Cathy brings 10 years of experience designing and providing construction support services for collection system and stormwater projects in the Cleveland area. She holds MS and BS degrees in Civil Engineering from Cleveland State University.

Kevin’s 25 years of experience ranges from combined sewer and sanitary sewer overflow control programs to collection system rehabilitation projects throughout the Midwest. He holds MS and BS degrees in Civil Engineering from the University of Michigan.