The Hamilton Dam and Riverfront Restoration Project includes the collection, analysis, and use of a variety of data and information to develop appropriate design and restoration solutions. Many of these documents, plans and data can be found on this page.

Flint Riverfront Restoration Plan

Preliminary Engineering Report

Key Project Tasks
A contract was authorized by the City in late 2009. Work has been advancing under two interrelated tracks: 1) Engineering Assessments and Preliminary Design of the Hamilton Dam Modifications and 2) Flint River Riverfront Planning and Stakeholder Engagement. Primary tasks include:

  • Water Treatment Plant Low Service Pump Test
  • Sediment Testing and Analysi
  • Condition Assessment of Hamilton Dam and Utah Dam
  • LOMR Study
  • Topographic and Bathymetric Survey
  • Fish Passage Assessment
  • USACE and MDNRE Permitting Coordination
  • Preliminary Engineering Report
  • Assessment of Previous Riverfront Studies
  • Assessment of Riverbank Park and River Corridor
  • Public and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Grant Funding and Assistance
  • Preferred Alternative and Implementation Strategy

Previous Studies & Reports

Flint Downtown Traffic & Parking Study

Flint Cultural Center Master Plan

Draft Army Corps of Engineers Preliminary Restoration Plan

Flint River Corridor Alliance Mission and Priorities

Flint River District Strategy

Flint Uptown Reinvestment Strategy

Reimagining Chevy in the Hole

U of M Flint Master Plan

Hamilton Dam Inspection Report – 2005

Hamilton Dam Feasibility Study

Fabri Dam Conceptual Design Report

Hamilton Dam Conceptual Design Report

Design Guidelines for Connecting Riverbank Park & Downtown Flint

Project Status Updates
Project Overview
02-16-10 Update
03-19-10 Update
04-23-10 Update
08-16-10 Update

Hamilton Dam

06-22-10 Draft


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