Optimal timing of infrastructure improvements can have a big impact on the bottom line. When Wayne County announced plans to restore Mill Street near downtown Plymouth, MI, the City of Plymouth fast tracked a water main replacement project directly under the existing road to avoid higher road restoration costs later. Designed to limit impacts on this heavily populated area, the project replaced more than 1.5 miles of aged water main with PVC pipe using the pipe bursting construction method. Challenges consisted of siting bore pits and working within congested utilities and an extremely thick roadway cross section. Numerous sanitary sewer leads located above the water main were also replaced.

Wade Trim provided utility design and supported coordination and communication between the City, County and residents. In addition, the Plymouth-Canton Community Schools bus yard is located on Mill Street requiring coordination with the school district as well as construction phase planning to minimize impact on the schools. Wayne County’s mill and paving work on Mill Street from Ann Arbor Road to Main Street will complete this collaborative road restoration project by late September.