Battle Creek, MI

Battle Creek, MI

Battle Creek Non-Motorized Master Plan

Utilizing the City of Battle Creek’s extensive Linear Park as a foundation, Wade Trim worked with the City’s recreation, engineering, and traffic staff as well as the public to develop a 20-year master plan for on- and off-road, non-motorized facilities. The plan is intended to provide a convenient and safe option to link people, schools, businesses, parks, natural resources and cultural and historic landmarks to each other as well as to adjacent communities and resources. Two bike lane pilot projects within the City were included and conceptual design plans for three potential bike lane projects were developed.

The Master Plan documents the benefits of non-motorized transportation and includes an existing conditions analysis of the Battle Creek system including primary destinations within the community. Maps and graphics illustrate the preferred locations for off-road trails, connections and on-road bike lanes. Design considerations and typical cross-sections for various roadway conditions found within the City are described and short-term priority segments/projects are identified. An implementation strategy to incorporate new bike lanes when City streets were resurfaced was also included with estimates of probable costs and potential funding sources.

Two public workshops were held where attendees identified destinations, heavily used routes, and desired expansions of the non-motorized system. The effort also included coordination and input from surrounding communities, Calhoun County, Michigan Department of Transportation, public school districts, neighborhood planning groups, Battle Creek Area Transportation Study, and a number of special interest groups and individuals.

After the plan was adopted by the City Commission, bike lanes were installed on both pilot project roadways. Within the first three years, 128 bike lane miles were added to the City’s network of non-motorized facilities. Full implementation of the Non-Motorized Transportation Master Plan is continuing as streets are scheduled for resurfacing and new developments are planned.

City of Battle Creek
Battle Creek, MI