Carleton, MI

Carleton, MI

Village of Carleton Wastewater Treatment Facility

The Village of Carleton was transitioning from a lagoon treatment system to a new 0.74-MGD oxidation ditch wastewater treatment facility in 1999 when Wade Trim began providing operation, maintenance and management services. The facility serves residents of the Village and a portion of Ash Township. Wade Trim provides staffing and monitors the operations of two commercial customers, performing visual flow checks and effluent testing.

The oxidation ditch process is followed by constant backwash sand filters and UV disinfection with discharge to an environmentally-sensitive stream. The plant discharges a portion of the treated effluent to a wetland mitigation area to supplement the wetland recharge. During wet weather events, facility settings are adjusted to allow excess flow to pass through hydraulically. Excess flow can also be diverted to an equalization basin. Flow diverted to the basin is pumped back through the facility for treatment when the flow rates return to normal. Despite stringent parameters, the facility has remained in compliance with its NPDES discharge permit since start up.

Operation services include process control and analysis using the facility’s laboratory. Wade Trim maintains records, performs regulatory reporting and ensures permit compliance, purchases supplies and maintains storage. Preventive and corrective maintenance, scheduling and record keeping are also provided. A Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) was implemented to better track performance, optimize maintenance and identify areas that may require frequent attention. We enforce equipment warranties and use CMMS to generate recurring work orders for equipment, buildings and infrastructure assets. Our responsibilities also include solids removal and maintenance of applicable records associated with solids disposal. Waste sludge is land applied annually.

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Village of Carleton
Carleton, MI