Madison Heights, MI

Madison Heights, MI

Dequindre Pump Station Laser Scan

The Dequindre Pump Station serves to dewater the GWK Retention Treatment Basin, Oakland County’s largest combined sewer overflow control facility. Wade Trim was retained by the Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner to evaluate and upgrade the facility to achieve reliable operation for another 30 years. To aid in evaluation and design, a laser scan of the entire three-level facility was performed.

Built in 1972, the pump station’s ground floor houses dewatering motors. Its two levels beneath contain additional equipment such as compressors on sub-level one and dewatering pumps on sub-level two. Scanning targets were set on the entire exterior and interior of each level of the facility which allowed for proper alignment of each of the 27 laser scans into a single point cloud. Walls, floors, ceilings, pipes, valves, switch boxes, controls and even conduit were scanned from as many angles as possible and then used as the basis for creating an accurate “as-constructed” 3D BIM (Building Information Modeling) model. Extracting Intelligent BIM objects from the point cloud is key to blending existing and new equipment together in a 3D model. Having this type of flexibility allows accurate design development, coordinated construction document creation, and object intelligence by our design engineers.

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Madison Heights, MI