Highland Park, MI

Highland Park, MI

City of Highland Park Water and Wastewater Systems

Seeking a partner to help improve service, control costs, protect the environment and preserve infrastructure assets, the City of Highland Park, MI, contracted with Wade Trim in 2015 to provide Operation and Maintenance of the City’s water and wastewater systems for 10 years. Wade Trim assumed responsibility for the City’s water distribution and wastewater collection, meter reading, customer billing and collections, and acquisition and installation of new meters.

Active maintenance programs were developed to maintain and prevent future problems within these systems. Fire hydrants are flushed and lubed annually and gate valves in the water distribution system are exercised to make sure they are operational. A GPS-enabled gate valve turner/vacuum machine is being used to locate and operate each gate valve to improve employee efficiency and safety. In addition, new radio read meters were installed to improve meter accuracy and efficiency to better serve the City’s nearly 12,000 residents.

Operations Expertise

City of Highland Park
Highland Park, MI