Kingsley, MI

Kingsley, MI

Village of Kingsley Wastewater Treatment Plant

Wade Trim’s contract operations and maintenance role with the Village of Kingsley began in 2005 during their transition from an aerated lagoon treatment system to an Aero-Mod®/Hybrid Activated Sludge Treatment Plant, the first of its kind in Michigan. During plan review and construction, changes needed to meet operational requirements were identified and later implemented by the operators and design engineer. Once full operations began several modifications were made to meet stringent Total Inorganic Nitrogen limitations. These modifications have enabled the plant to meet the required limitations even under adverse weather conditions. In addition, Wade Trim developed a computer maintenance management system that allows for preventive and corrective maintenance measures as needed.

The Aero-Mod plant’s energy costs have proven to be 40% lower at approximately 100,000 gallons per day as compared to a more traditional SBR plant operating on an equal flow basis. With minor modifications and maintenance, the plant has operated at or above expectations since Wade Trim began providing services.

Operations Expertise

Village of Kingsley
Kingsley, MI