Omaha, NE

Omaha, NE

South Omaha Industrial Area Project

This project captures the high-strength waste from combined sewers in Omaha’s meat packing district and sends it directly to the Missouri River Wastewater Treatment Plant (MRWWTP) where two new industrial clarifiers handle the additional flows. The volume of overflows and risk of these overflows containing high pollutant loadings is reduced, providing an early benefit to the City’s Long Term Control Plan. Rightsizing the conveyance and dedicated treatment capacity was critical to developing a cost-effective solution.

Detailed data collection and modeling using the InfoWorks platform determined that with selective separation, 17.4 million gallons per day (MGD) of transport and treatment capacity was required to control peak wet weather flows. Based on the alternatives evaluation, the final solution required separation in selected meat packing areas with a new gravity sewer collecting and transporting all high strength flows to a lift station that pumps flows directly to the MRWWTP through a force main. The 17.4-MGD lift station includes smaller screens, a self-cleaning wet well and odor control facility to handle the concentrated wastewater. Dual, 18-inch force mains were selected to handle the wide range of flows, and equipped with a built-in pigging system to facilitate cleaning.

ACEC of Nebraska Engineering Merit Award, 2015

Wastewater Expertise

City of Omaha Public Works Department
Omaha, NE