Tampa, FL

Tampa, FL

East Tampa N. 22nd Street Enhancements

Seeking to create a gateway into East Tampa that safely accommodates all modes of transportation, the City of Tampa enhanced N. 22nd Street with pedestrian, streetscape and roadway improvements. The mile-long existing road was reconstructed to a two-lane curb and gutter section with landscaped medians, left turn lanes, sidewalk, multi-use trail, dedicated bus bays, bus shelters, and pedestrian lighting. Textured pavement was used to highlight pedestrian crosswalks. Traffic signals were upgraded with mast arm supports with video detection, LED signal heads, and countdown and audible pedestrian signals.

High pedestrian and bicycle volumes mixed with high passenger vehicle and truck traffic made accommodating multimodal requirements a challenge. The restricted right-of-way limited opportunities for achieving the transit, bicycle and pedestrian safety goals. Wade Trim implemented the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Transportation Design for Livable Communities approach that allowed using narrower lane widths with median treatments and landscaping to induce traffic calming and lower the operating speeds. This innovative design approach resulted in a safer environment for all road users and transformed the area into an appealing business-friendly corridor.

An existing five-leg intersection was reconfigured to a roundabout for safer and more efficient traffic flow. A 20-foot-tall obelisk in the center honors the incorporation of East Tampa into the City of Tampa in 1911. Although the project was administered by the City of Tampa, 22nd Street is currently under FDOT jurisdiction but will later be transferred to the City. The project received federal funding and was performed as a Local Agency Program project.

FRA Roy F. Kenzie Award (Capital and Beautification category), 2015

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Tampa, FL