Over 2 miles of concrete street improvements were completed in downtown Roanoke, TX, in support of the City’s ongoing efforts to improve streets, traffic and drainage. Wade Trim provided design and construction administration services for the reconstruction of Oak, Pine and Main Streets in the historic area of this City appointed as the Unique Dining Capital of Texas.

Oak Street was extended by 3,960 feet to service a 23-acre tract that will include the future Roanoke City Hall, as well as commercial, retail and mixed-used development. The 2-lane concrete roadway matches the existing Oak Street corridor’s design standards and includes sidewalk, curb, gutter, parallel street parking, fire hydrants, and a storm drain system. The area was further enhanced with landscaping and irrigation as well as fiber optics and electrical service. Multiple water services, sewer services, fire suppression lines and storm sewer stub outs were installed throughout to allow for future development.

Pine and Main Streets connect the community’s downtown business and residential districts. These 2-lane asphalt roadways with open ditches were reconstructed and widened as 2-lane concrete roadways with sidewalks to create a more pedestrian-friendly environment. The reconstruction also included curb, gutter and upgraded storm drain systems.

New or replacement utilities were installed for all three projects totaling 1 mile of storm sewer, 1.5 miles of water main and 1 mile of sanitary sewer and force main. The improvements were coordinated with franchise utilities to minimize any potential conflicts. In addition, stamped concrete crosswalks that resemble brick, and decorative streetlights were used on all the streets to maintain a cohesive look throughout the City.


Stamped concrete and decorative lighting enhance the Oak Street corridor’s aesthetics for future civic and mixed-use development.


One block east and parallel to Oak Street, Pine Street’s design carries the same concrete and lighting elements through residential areas and encourages pedestrian use with new sidewalks.


Main Street’s reconstruction strengthens the City’s connection between business and residential districts as well as state highway.