Maintaining a Water Master Plan and designing distribution system improvements are ongoing components of our continuing engineering services to the City of Taylor, MI, a longtime client. Priorities include rehabilitating and replacing aging water main, upsizing smaller water mains to improve flows and pressure, and updating the water system computer model to evaluate future needs.

Current work is focusing primarily on the northwest section of the City, where more than 30,000 linear feet of water main rehabilitation and replacement was designed to improve water quality, increase the life of the system and reduce future maintenance costs. Water main is also being rehabilitated along a street in the City’s southeast quadrant with frequent water main breaks and across Eureka Road to assist in attracting new commercial development.

Construction is scheduled to be complete this fall using trenchless methods such as pipe-bursting and directional drilling to minimize water disruption for residents. Open trench construction is also being used to work around large utilities, including a natural gas line and fiber optic power feeder lines, along major roadways. Wade Trim is providing construction inspection services for this project.