Constructed in 1872 as part of the water supply system for the City of Newport, KY, the Ohio River Pump Station No. 2 (ORPS2) is now an integral component for the Northern Kentucky Water District (NKWD) and the 300,000 customers they serve. After an inspection, it was determined the main operating floor was becoming structurally unsound, and other critical elements of the facility were in need of repair. NKWD is upgrading the facility to help maintain the reliable delivery of raw water from the Ohio River to their water treatment plant.

Structural rehabilitation design efforts were focused on replacing the main pump room floor and repairing the limestone block foundation. In addition, the coarse bar screen, influent sluice gate and other facility components were beyond their useful service life, and needed to be upgraded or replaced.

Alternative replacement materials were presented for the trash rack, which had become encrusted with zebra mussels. This is an issue for many surface water supplies. A copper alloy was chosen due to the retrofit conditions, but also as a material NKWD can evaluate to determine whether it is effective at mitigating zebra mussel fouling.

The location of the pump station within the Ohio River was a unique construction constraint. Three sides of the building contact water, making the logistics of removing construction debris and delivering new materials, a challenge. Replacement of the coarse bar screen, influent sluice gate and inlet suction valve was below the river’s normal water level, requiring divers to perform some work. Foundation repair activities performed by the contractor were staged from watercraft anchored next to the structure, necessitating OSHA requirements for working over water and avoidance of river navigation impacts.

Because ORPS2 is a critical facility, the construction schedule needed to coordinate with the pump operation schedule. The project required coordination with the US Army Corps of Engineers, Kentucky Heritage Council, City of Fort Thomas and Kentucky Division of Water. Construction is scheduled for completion in February 2018.